Total Transformation Challenge

Changing is not just changing the things outside of us....


What you DO to lose weight must be what you are willing to do to KEEP the weight off.... EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY. Supporting you through both is what I do best! Losing the weight changed my life but learning how to keep it off gave me a second chance at living.

I know the missing pieces to losing the emotional weight we walk through life with and how to use the physical connection to become confident, empowered, and healed. It's all about learning how to commit to leading a healthy life and planning the convenient course of consistent actions daily. No more deprivation! 


No more restrictions! No more bullshit options that set you up to quit because you won’t ever be able to "have fun" again with food!

The way we think about these adventures completely determines our success. It is bassakwards (my word) to go into changing your life temporarily. This is your life!! Let’s live, love, and lead, the best one. Why bother losing the weight if you don't learn how to keep it off? It was not fun at all to lose and regain the same weight over and freakin’ over again. We have so much more to enjoy in our lives than repeating that struggle.

Coach Tina's Transformation

There's a better way!!  


I lost 150 lbs by making small consistent changes that connected my mind and my body. I ate carbs and cut out the excuses. I enjoyed the foods I loved and gave up the self judgement. I stopped buying into the quick fixes and invested in myself. Each day I learned how to do simple, consistent steps that gave me more of my life to live.


I learned how to STOP quitting on myself.


I didn't just learn how to lose weight. I learned how to live without it. This is your opportunity to learn how to heal and live without the weight. Are you ready to let go and live? I'm going to help you end the restrictive, deprivation diets…

Have you ever said to yourself …?


"I'm tired of always being so confused on what and when or even why to eat. I wish I could just enjoy my food for once."


"I know what I need to do, I’m just not motivated."


"I'm over it all, I’m done with quitting just to start it all up again”.


I said all those things myself. I totally get how hard this all seems and has felt.

So much time spent losing and gaining the same weight left me frustrated, overwhelmed, depressed, and lonely. It just felt impossible. I believed with all my heart that if I could just lose the weight then my life and the people in it would be better off and I would ultimately arrive at happy. That was NEVER going to happen like that, truth be told.


You name the reason for why I was hanging on to the unwanted fluff everywhere and I had thought it, done it, or was willing to adopt it as another excuse. Whatever kept me from uncovering the truth about why I wasn’t loving myself healthy and whole again, I held on to it. I didn’t know who I would be without the 150 pounds and honestly as I was taking it off there were many times I truly didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror. We will go over that part of the process too! We will dive into the reasons we choose to STAY overweight. Our mind is a game changer on this journey.


You CAN do this! You can choose the next 12 weeks on purpose and give to yourself what you would give your loved one, best friend, or child! YOU are worth that same time and love. You know what I’m talking about. All you've ever known is the struggle with this or that next great idea on how to take of the pounds the fastest. I get it. You've bled your bank accounts and landed emotionally bankrupt because your energy was spent on another crazed diet that promises "this is the one" that will change it all.

Are you ready to be #BreakingOutBadass?

What was missing for me was uncomplicated. It is what I know how to teach you now, how to let go and live without the weight. It sounds so simple and it is. You see, the problem is this…


Every other diet fad or crash course in shrinking us doesn’t teach us how to live day to day. They don’t support our real-life struggles and the daily rigors it takes to balance the 5am wake-ups, the 2-hour commutes, the 12-15 hour shifts, the multiple kids practices, the grocery shopping, the scout meetings, the anxiety of keeping it all together (or pretending to well enough that others buy it). There’s no “diet” out there that is going to fix all that real life.


But there is a daily plan of action that I can teach you that will allow YOU to enjoy your mind, body, food… and life more every day! It’s time for your Total Transformation!! Let’s break out the badass in you!!




  • Choice of LIVE group sessions in Hagerstown, MD or Virtual/Hybrid sessions*​

  • Nutrition Coaching, to include step by step meal planning and more

  • Brain Training, to include live and virtual workshops


*The Total Transformation Challenge is offered in-person or as a virtual/hybrid challenge. In-person group sessions are held in Hagerstown, Maryland at Hagerstown Sports Club and Fitness**. Virtual/hybrid option is offered as a hybrid between virtual sessions with Coach Tina and Beachbody On Demand.

**When participating in a 12 Week Transformation you can prepay a 90 Day Facility Pass at Hagerstown Sports Club and Fitness instead of committing to an annual gym membership. 

Total Transformation Packages

Choose the option best suited to you to begin transforming your body, mind, and life today!



by Coach Tina Fraley



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