The one-day-at-a-time blueprint to truly live your best life now. The pillars of the "mind, body, life" philosophy is to move, eat, believe, love and lead your way to a happy, balanced life of contentment. Join the FitMinded Tribe today to begin your adventure to live and create the best YOU possible!

"Your health is what you make of it. Everything you do and think either adds to the

vitality, energy and spirit you possess or takes away from it."  ~Ann Wigmore~


Harness the power of your mind, and become fit, healthy, and happy!

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Curves Ahead | Melissa DiMercurio

Episode 21  *  23 July 2020

Coach Tina explores the Curve Ahead Tribe with Melissa DiMercurio. A tribe for women to help women growing self-worth learning to love oneself. The mission of the Curves Ahead Tribe is to help each member create a unique road map to navigate their personal journey in every aspect of life based on the 5 Pillars of Strength (mind, money, body, career, connection). Learn about the message, mission, and purpose of the tribe and how it can help you on your own journey at www.curvesaheadtribe.com.


Next Women's Growth Workshop is July 25th, 9-11:30am via Zoom.

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Meet Coach Tina, founder and owner of FitMinded Living. 

Trainer * Speaker * Author * Mentor * Mom

Coach Tina specializes in helping others transition from existing to thriving on purpose using the live, love, lead philosophy.  Her own experience of losing 162 pounds helps her empower people to live the fitminded life, embracing her own life adventure. She doesn't just teach it, she has lived it and continues to follow the fitminded principles today: Eat, Move, Believe, Love, and Lead

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Coach Tina Fraley

Start the FitMinded Adventure for Your Optimal Mind, Body, and Life!

Fit Minded Living offers personal training and holistic life coaching for a healthier, more satisfying quality of life regardless of your fitness level or location. Personal Trainer and Life Coach, Tina Fraley, empowers and equips you for success with encouragement, advice, knowledge and support. Founded and established by Coach Tina in 2010 after completing her own transformation journey.

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FitMinded Living offers many exciting services to help assist you on your fitminded life-adventure from nutrition services to fitness services to free support and more. There is something for everyone no matter where you are on your journey!

Personal Training

Learn to effectively move your body and find your sexy-self smiling back in the mirror again!

Meal Mapping

Eat & be satisfied while having the body you want with the assistance of a certified nutrition coach! 

Life Coaching

Take your life to the next level. Perform at your peak and achieve amazing results!

Transformation Challenge

Don't delay, begin your transformation today!

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

New Client Special

FREE personal training session for new clients either in-person or virtual via video conference!


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